Clip Styles

The image below demonstrates the two clip styles offered on our IWB holsters.


The clip labeled "J" sits behind your belt, resting the weight of the gun & holster primarily on your jeans. The clips gets its name from it's J-shaped hook.


This style tends to be more concealable since most of the clip is hidden behind the belt. The low profile of the bottom edge also tends to be less likely to damage furniture, especially leather upholstery than standard J-Clips.


Since the clip passes behind the belt, the weight of gun and holster rides primarily on the pants waist. This is okay for light-weight guns, such as single-stack polymer framed pistols and light-weight revolvers. It is also recommended that this clip style be paired with heavier denim, as other materials will tend to sag under the weight. One solution is to utilize adhesive velcro between the clip and the belt to put the weight back on the belt and keep things secure.

Standard Clips

The clip labeled "R" is the standard metal clip style. The clip is placed over-top of the belt, and has the general shape of the letter "R" when viewed from the side.


Weight of the gun and holster ride on your gun belt. Because of this we recommended this style clip for any medium to large firearm, or small heavy guns such as steel framed revolvers and semi-autos.


This style is not as concealable, especially when wearing the over-shirt tucked into the pants. Additionally, the bottom portion of the clip (the right-tail of the "letter-R" shape) designed to facilitate taking the holster off & putting it on tends to stick out farther, posing a hazard to furniture or other materials it brushes against. One solution is to fold the bottom of the clip inward, reducing the profile of the protrusion.