101 Class

In this introductory class, new shooters can develop the knowledge, skills, attitude and technique necessary for safe and effective handgun use. We will spend time learning:
 1. Safe Firearms Handling
 2. Basics of Shooting
 3. How to Choose a Handgun
 4. Overview Firearm Maintenance
 5. Recommended Safe Storage Solutions
For new shooters, this will be a pre-requisite to LTC training.

LTC Class

This class satisfies the state classroom and proficiency requirement to obtain a Texas License To Carry a Handgun. Students should already be comfortable with firing handguns. New shooters should take the 101 Class prior to LTC Class. During this 5-6 hour class we will cover the following:
 1. Use of Force
 2. Handgun Use and Safety
 3. Non-Violent Dispute Resolution
 4. Safe Storage Practices
In addition to classroom instruction, there will be a written exam and a shooting proficiency test. For more info, click here.

NRA Courses

There are several NRA courses offered by our training staff. Please contact us regarding your specific interest in NRA courses to book a class.


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